Our apartments are located near the sea so you can go swimming or sunbathing straight from the bed. Apartments are cheap and tidy, and the kitchens are spacious and well equipped. The bathrooms always have hot water for showering. Apartmens Bele are of high quality, cheap and clean, and there is a TV in each apartment. For all guests there is a secured free parking in front. Kitchens are well equipped and decorated and each apartment has an open porch.

Apartment Danijela

Apartment Danijela has one bedroom, kitchen and bathroom and it can accommodate a maximum of two people. It is especially suitable for young couples

Apartment Fani

Apartment Fani has one bedroom, kitchen and bathroom. There is a large double bed and one extra bed (sofa) in the kitchen. It is particularly suitable for married couples with one or two children

Apartment Petar

Apartment Petar is located on the first floor and has 3 bedrooms, kitchen and a bathroom. It has a broad and spacious terrace with a beautiful view. It can accommodate up to 6 people which makes it ideal for larger families or shared accommodation for couples